Since the establishment in 1980, we put our best effort on R&D in order to produce the high quality products for the customers' safety and happiness.   

Despite the difficulties with numerous trial and errors, we became a global leading company by increasing the market share in the overseas market with the products which were made on the basis of high technology and strict quality management.   

GIO-LITE and GIO-FLEX are represented as the brands of best quality reflective materials for HV garment and heat transfer films for textile.  

Various type of products are exported to all over the world not only Asia but America, EU countries, Arabic and African countries.

Currently, we are diversifying our business in the field of functional film, seamless welding and cosmetic application. Expanding production lines set up for productivity and the facilities of advanced technology are boosting our sustained growth.

In addition, ONE-STOP SHOPPING system that customer could purchase not only subsidiary materials but also finished products have been established by up-to-date processing facilities complimented recently.

We will not forget the foundation spirit that company always provides the good products and will grow together with the customers.

Goals of the company

Provide the best quality products for Customers' safety and happiness.

Create the innovative ideas.

Grow continuously with the development of technology.

Live along with all together.


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